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Auteur Topic: Studbook announcement general  (gelezen 3626 keer)
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« Gepost op: 4 April 2008, 18:59:29 »

The ESF (European Studbook Foundation, aknowledge the vulnerabillety of those animals and has the Terrapene spp. define into the studbook category 1.
This means that these animals at this moment (or in the near future) in de wild are threated.
Breeding with these animals become's essential for the conservation of a healthy population in captivety.
The purpose of a good working studbook becomes obvious with this.


1] Breeding a healthy population in captivety.
2] Promotion of communication between keepers with the goal to learn from eachother and if needed exchange animals.
3] Give information about keeping/breeding Terrapene spp.
4]Helping found and unwanted animals.


1] Mediatory if you are looking for an animal.
2] Mediatory selling (offspring) animals.
3] Knowledge exchange/answer guestions.
4] International Terrapene contact.
5] Helping found an unwanted animals, with the insurance that the animals become ownership from the ESF, and are rehomed under serious studbook members.

Are you interested, of are you an experienced breeder with Terrapene spp. contact Bart, Bianca or Hans.
If you are not a member from the studbook, but you are breeding with Terrapene we'd like to welcome you to exchange your experience with us.

Do you have one animal (legal) of animals from the same sex, think about it, if you would like to lend out for a season, or for example to exchange with offspring.
It would be disappointing if the bloodline with his genetic typical qualities are lost forever.

Studbook numbers and more studbook information can you find in the year report, which we have to add to the website.
An visible report is only for studbook members readable after contacting a studbook keeper. ( is under construction)

Players only love you when they are playing. de kleinste officiƫle dierentuin van Nederland
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« Antwoord #1 Gepost op: 4 April 2008, 19:05:20 »

I think its important to explain the idea behind the ESF (European Studbook Foundation).


There are still big misunderstandings, about the way studbooks are working.
And there are a lot of people who don't see the meaning and the positive influence the studbook can have, on the increase of the (endangered) species.


The ESF is a european foundation founded by people with the purpose for conservation in the future of genetic healthy population of reptile and amphibian species in captivity.
The main goal of the ESF is keeping and saving endangered species.
But also animals who, at this moment are not endangered, but maybe get this status in the future.
For these species is the start of a studbook very important.
On the ESF-website ( is more information about this.
The workfield is in the first place Europe,although more and more people outside Europe wants to know about the ESF.
An overview from the studbooks can you find on the same web-site.


1] Participation on the studbook is completely volentary, is free of payment and does not bring duties.
Al though we expect from studbookmembers to give information to the studbookkeeper, so he can make the studbook up to date.

2] All information consurning the person and the animals are confidential.
This is not geven to a third person, only if you wish.
All animals are given a studbook number and also the location were you keep them gets a number.
In the year report the information has a code, so we can give information confidentialy to the board.
The onlyone who knows about the information is the studbookkeeper.

3] The biggest misunderstanding is that people think they lose controle over there animal if they become a member.
This is not true, the animals you subscribe are always your own property.
There is one exeption, if you get an animal from the ESF self, this animal is given in fostercare, and remain property of the ESF.

4] You do not have to have a big collection of animals.
Even if you have only one animal from a species, becoming a member is usefull.
The studbook can give you information to take care of your animal, and maybe you like another one and then the studbook can help you to find it.
If you like you can cooperate within a breeding programe.
But once more, this is still your own choise/decision.

On the ESF-website( you can find a paper to join.

Hopefully can I help someone with this information, to convince to become a studbook member.
Our animals are already within the studbook!

(dutch version written by An de Smet)

Players only love you when they are playing. de kleinste officiƫle dierentuin van Nederland
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